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Hey, check it out!!!!!! It's perfect :) http://bernardferreira.tumblr.com/

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California, USA, dream...

I always dreamed go to CALIFORNIA. I think there is the best place ever, but i can't say with so sure because i never went there! But.... I will.. Gonna be my 15s present and im so happy :) actually, I have to find Jonas and Demi. haha. But the more important, is have fun and I'm not really sure that I'm gonna come back =) But probably my mom will force me to go back = ( But, FOR SURE, when I got 18, I will live there. Because I really want to be a singer. Show the world my songs, and realize my dream. It's what i always wanted since I was 4. I have to keep trying and keep dreaming. They say the happiness is the realization of dreams.."If you have heart and soul, you can rock'n roll" -jb. " If you can dream it,, you can do it" -Walt Disney. That's it.

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MIley Cyrus and Liam Broke Up

“The Last Song” co-stars, Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth, have officially broken up after almost a year together. Miley dumped her previous boyfriend, Justin Gaston, for a chance of a relationship with the Aussie hottie.

We have been noticing that for the past at least couple of months whenever the two were seen out and about together, they did not look really happy. Miley had to clear split rumors back in July.

Miley wrote on her blog in July, “Just wanna clear up a rumor. Liam [Hemsworth] and I did not break. EVER! We are so happy and a lot of that has to do with the amazing relationship he has with my family.” Well, Miley and Liam did not last forever and ever, but we hope it was good while it lasted.


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camp rock 2- new song "wouldn't change a thing"

Oh, that clip exciting! What cutest thing!

Everyone knows that Joe Jonas and Demi Lovato broke up, but nothing more cute than seeing the two together in this clip from "I Would not Change a Thing" for the movie "Camp Rock 2".
Watch the video in:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r9qHL0c5v3U&feature=player_embedded

Dear John

The best book i ever read !!!!! really. I cried, I laughed .. It's incredible! I recommend. if you do not like to read, when read Dear John, you'll like it.

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look 6

Demi Lovato Breaks Down & Cries For Joe Jonas

Actress Demi Lovato never really got over her break up with her best friend and boyfriend Joe Jonas. In fact, Demi is reportedly doing everything she can to rekindle their romance and she had a major break down at a party last week.

“She just wouldn’t stop crying. It’s like it all just hit her at once. She kept saying how much she misses him, and how she wants him back… It was crazy how emotional she was,” a Demi pal divulges. “She puts on a good front that everything is okay, but in reality she’s obviously still hurting. It’s sad, but we know she will get through it.”