segunda-feira, 13 de setembro de 2010

California, USA, dream...

I always dreamed go to CALIFORNIA. I think there is the best place ever, but i can't say with so sure because i never went there! But.... I will.. Gonna be my 15s present and im so happy :) actually, I have to find Jonas and Demi. haha. But the more important, is have fun and I'm not really sure that I'm gonna come back =) But probably my mom will force me to go back = ( But, FOR SURE, when I got 18, I will live there. Because I really want to be a singer. Show the world my songs, and realize my dream. It's what i always wanted since I was 4. I have to keep trying and keep dreaming. They say the happiness is the realization of dreams.."If you have heart and soul, you can rock'n roll" -jb. " If you can dream it,, you can do it" -Walt Disney. That's it.

domingo, 5 de setembro de 2010